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The Republic of Croatia is conducting systematic surveys of real estate so you need to clearly and permanently demarcate its boundaries in collaboration with the owners of the neighbouring properties.
In the areas where systematic surveys is not being carried out, you can use the services of licensed surveying companies.
Cadastral offices are responsible for keeping records describing your real estate.
Cadastral records are public, and anyone can have access to them.
Written cadastral data is also available over the Internet. For information regarding licensed surveying companies, cadastral offices and the status of the written cadastral data, see and

Land Registry
Land registration courts are responsible for maintaining the land registry. Municipal court addresses
The land registration process is initiated at the party.s request, and the court makes a decision without a trial or a hearing.
Buying real estate and signing a purchase contract does not automatically constitute the right of ownership. The deed needs to be registered in the Land Registry. According to the state of your property in the Land Registry records, you first have to determine which documents you need to present to the land registration court in order to register your deed in the Land Registry.
With each real estate purchase, submit an application for land registration with all the necessary documentation. After registering in the Land Registry, you obtain the right of ownership.
The court decision is based on the status of the property as evidenced in the Land Registry at the time the party submits the request and the documentation on the basis of which the registration for the right of ownership is requested.
The documents regarding real estate purchases and acquiring other real rights have to be drawn up according to legal regulations.
Everyone can request access to the Land Registry in the presence of the land registrar and obtain land registration excerpts, print-outs and transcripts.
Land registration departments at municipal courts are open every workday.
For all necessary information, see and the municipal court web sites.