JIS establishment

Status of Real Property Registration and Cadastre Joint Information System (JIS)

As of 21 November 2016, the JIS is in full production in all 107 land registry offices and in 113 cadastral offices in Croatia.
With the start of JIS production in cadastral offices digital cadastral maps in the new official geodetic datum and the new HTRS96/TM map projection are placed in official use.

Decision on relieving of duty and appointing the JIS Manager

Decision on relieving of duty and appointing a JIS Management Working Group member

What is JIS?
The basic objective of „Organized Land“ is to create the Real Property Registration and Cadastre Joint Information System (JIS), or rather establish a common database of the cadastre and land registries and a single application for keeping and maintaining the afore-mentioned data. This will yield numerous benefits for the users such as the time needed to access the data and make a registration will be reduced and the citizens will be able to see at one place the ownership structure of a real property and its location in space as well as numerous other functionalities. This system is, therefore, one of the key instruments in the development of e-Croatia and the entrepreneurship as well as securing the public trust in respect of the registers.

What are the expected benefits of the „JIS“
The establishment of the JIS will:
- accelerate the real property registration in both the cadastral as well as the land registration system
- raise the level of legal security of the real property transactions
- streamline both systems and simplify business processes
- ensure that the harmonized data of these two systems no longer mismatch
- improve the customer relationships and the speed and quality of service provision

MoJ and SGA as partners in the JIS establishment:
APIS IT d.o.o. – provides system hosting, safety, monitoring and maintenance
APIS IT provides hosting and integration of the JIS into the infrastructural environment of APIS IT, while the system is hosted in a highly safe IT environment.

Combis d.o.o.
 – provides the required hardware, standard software and support related to this segment

Combis has supplied and installed the hardware and software basis, or rather the technology platform for the JIS, and provided the training to work with the standard software as well as a three-year maintenance - support for the hardware and standard software.

The joint venture consisting of Ericsson Nikola Tesla (Croatia) – IGEA (Slovenia) and CLC (Austria) provides the JIS application

The joint venture creates the JIS application that replaces all the existing local systems and databases. It is credible from the point of view of the architecture, functionalities and data and encompasses:
  • a sophisticated system for administration and safety
  • automated support for implementing processes and tasks (work flow engine),
  • complete maintenance of the database (alphanumeric and graphic data)
  • an application for flexible reporting on the cadastral and land registry data

Steps leading to the JIS establishment:

 JIS strategy development
 the GOC Conclusion on hosting the JIS at APIS IT d.o.o.
 partner contracting 
 equipment installation at APIS IT d.o.o.
 installation and testing of five iterations 
 piloting of the application at Zadar and Pozega 
 operational acceptance of the entire JIS application
 application upgrading by the „one-stop shop“ options (advanced communication options with the system for key users and citizens)
 roll-out of the JIS application to all LROs and cadastral offices
 JIS upgrading by additional functionalities