Which documents can I download through OSS?

 Through OSS, you can request and download:

- Land registry extract
- Book of Deposited Contracts extract
- Cadastral map copy
- Possessory sheet transcript/extract
- Land Database extract

In "My real properties“ menu, you can:

- obtain the data on all the real properties owned by you by typing in the PIN, or rather
- for the real properties not associated with the PIN, request that the PIN be recorded in order to obtain access to all your real properties.

A land registry extract can be obtained regardless of the local jurisdiction.

Through OSS, authorised public notaries or lawyers can, on your behalf, send e-applications for registering in the land register and book of deposited contracts.

Licensed geodetic contractors can, on your behalf, request the production and dispatch of geodetic reports (elaborates) for review and confirmation to cadastral offices electronically, with the help of the System of Digital Geodetic Reports (SDGE) and One-Stop-Shop (OSS).