The OSS allowed users to use the e-Citizens system to file applications electronically, without going to a cadastral or land registry office to be handed a cadastral map copy, possessory sheet transcript/extract, land registry extract or Land Database extract.

When filing applications, the user pays administrative or court fees by card (increased by the commission charged by the credit card issuer) computed automatically by the system, and receives in their inbox electronically signed public deeds, also containing a QR code and a code for double-checking document authenticity. A public deed issued in such a way has the same legal enforceability as a paper deed stamped and signed by the authorised person. A single application can be filed to request several different public deeds from different cadastral of land registry offices.

Legally defined administrative or court fees are charged for issuing the public deeds above.  If the applicant requesting the issuance of public deeds has legal grounds for an exemption from paying administrative or court fees, they must file the application for the issuance of cadastral public deeds at the competent cadastral office. The application for the issuance of a land registry extract may be filed in any land registry office.

Public deeds for which applications are received and processed in the OSS are sent to the user’s electronic inbox without having to be prepared and processed by civil servants, and without any printing and delivery costs. Pursuant to the Regulations on Determining the Actual Costs of Using Data Contained in the State Survey and Real Property Cadastre Documentation (Official Gazette 59/2018), no fees for data use are charged for cadastral applications and public deeds issued in such a way.

Along with easier data delivery, the OSS facilitates registration of real property in the land book, as well.  Based on a sales contract or any other document serving as a basis for the acquisition of property, lawyers and public notaries may, for a stipulated fee, file an application for registering real property electronically through the OSS.

The OSS can be accessed at http://oss.uredjenazemlja.hr.