About JIS

About Real Property Registration and Cadastre Joint Information System

The Real Property Registration and Cadastre Joint Information System is one of the most significant and demanding activities conducted by the Ministry of Justice and State Geodetic Administration as part of the Real Property Registration and Cadastre National Program - Organized Land.

The JIS establishment has led to the creation of a unified register for the cadastre and land registers in which the systems are interlinked and exchange real property data. In simplified terms, a unified database and application bringing numerous benefits to the users have been established to keep and maintain the cadastre and land registry data. Apart from the time, needed to access the data and make a registration, being significantly reduced, the citizens are today able to see at one place the ownership structure of a real property and its location in space as well as numerous other functionalities.

One part of the JIS is „One-Stop-Shop“ (OSS) – a single service point for accessing land registry and cadastre data.

The OSS includes two components:
  • OSS public application - accessible to all users, regardless of the registration, and allows for searching and viewing the basic land registry data and the basic cadastral alphanumerical and graphic data.
  • OSS for registered users - available to registered users only and enables data viewing, filing applications for obtaining public deeds and solving at land registry and cadastral offices as well as receiving officially composed documents.
OSS can be accessed at https://oss.uredjenazemlja.hr

The users can use the OSS and e-Citizens systems to electronically file applications, without going to a cadastral or land registry office to be handed a cadastral map copy, possessory sheet transcript/extract, land registry extract and Land Database extract.
Additionally, they can view the status of a land registration (LR) case, main register, book of deposited contracts (BDC), data on LR case status, BDC sub-file and LR file. On behalf of users, authorised public notaries or lawyers can send e-applications for registering in the land register and book of deposited contracts.

When filing applications, the user pays administrative or court fees by card (increased by the provision charged by credit card issuer) computed automatically by the system, and receives in his or her inbox electronically signed public deeds, also containing a QR code and a code for double-checking the document authenticity. The public deed issued in such a way has the same legal enforceability as the paper deed stamped and signed by an authorised person.

In order to download the cadastral and land registry deeds kept and maintained in the JIS through OSS and e-Citizens systems, one has to register with the e-Građani system, then select „Real Property Registration and Cadastre Joint Information System - JIS OSSunder „Topics > Housing and Environment

After logging into the system, select one of the functionalities offered that you will be using – do you wish to download a land registry extract or a cadastral map copy or do you wish to double-check ownership of your real properties through the “My real properties” menu? 

A particularly important JIS functionality is the „My real properties“ functionality that enables the users to view all land registry files and possessory sheets where the owner is registered along with his or her PIN. This functionality allows the owner to access all data on the real properties that he or she owns in the Republic of Croatia. In case the owner's PIN is not recorded in land registers, the real property will not be shown in the „My real properties“ functionality. In this case, it is necessary to request the corresponding land registration court to register it.

By clicking on Browse and after typing in the correct control number, the user can browse the unofficial land registry file or possessory sheet. By clicking on Export in PDF, the user obtains the document PDF that he or she can save on the computer or, by clicking the Print icon, can print out the document.