Steering Committee

Integrated Land Administration System Project

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is tasked with ensuring the Project management, passing key Project decisions and ensuring that the institutions pass key decisions, monitoring the Project implementation as well as the PIU work, reporting, through the PIU, on the Project implementation to the institutions in charge and to the Croatian Government and regulating other issues of importance for the Project implementation.

The PSC Co-Chairs are the Assistant Minister of Justice (MoJ) and the State Geodetic Administration (SGA) Director-General.

The Project Manager serves as the PSC Secretary.

Project Steering Committee:

Damir Šantek, Director-General of the State Geodetic Administration

Mirela Fučkar, Assistant Minister of Justice

Milan Rezo, Assistant Minister of Construction and Physical Planning

Antonio Šustić, Head of the Sector for Cadastral System at the State Geodetic Administration

Damir Kontrec
, Justice of the RoC Supreme Court

Jadranka Hajdinjak, International Financial Institutions Department Head at the Ministry of Finance